Why choose Styling for Sale

Research shows that staged houses sell for a higher price than non-staged properties. Property styling creates the emotional connection that buyers need in order to buy a house.

The goal of staging is to make the home speak to every potential buyer, in a compelling and positive way. We assist you with decluttering and de-personalising your home to show buyers they can enjoy a move in ready, stylish home.

Staged houses also sell faster than non-staged properties, which reduces the stress of multiple open inspections and the likelihood of price reductions. Home styling lets your potential buyers see exactly how wonderful it would be to live there. It’s proven one of the most underestimated elements in a real estate marketing campaign is internet photography. 90% of potential buyers look to online listings first, it’s our job to make your listing stand out above the competition.

Our goal is to make the prospective buyer want to look at your property over others, and help them envisage the potential of the house. A buyer who can see themselves in your place before making the biggest purchase of their lives will always want to ensure they are the one who is the successful bidder. The photography and staging helps you deliver this experience and guarantee a competitive sale.